Monday, June 28, 2010


This will go over the steps to play downloaded games on your DS/DSi. Currently there is no "pure" mod for the DS, so new hardware is involved. These instructions were done on a DSi but is applicable to the DS as well.

What you'll need:
1. Mod cartridge
there are many cartridges out there. Make sure you get a legit card as there are many clones and fakes that do not work. This mod was done with the M3i Zero.
2. MicroSD card
I used a 8 gig class 4 HCSD. My understanding is that it will support all HCSD cards. I don't think speed will be a determining factor as the DS processor is the limiting factor.
3. ROMs for the DS. You can find many games on different sites. I have not had success with large torrent files as they become easily corrupted.

1. Format you microSD card to FAT format.  Format your SD card with an SD formatting program. DO NOT USE windows to format your SD card. It will cause freezes and stops and you will have to reformat it again. Use the program here

2. Load the flash file for your cartridge on the version of your DS onto your SD card. Put the file in the main(root) directory of the SD card. ie If you SD card directory is J:/ put the file there and not in a folder. I used flash file for M3i Zero found here for the DS firmware version 1.4. You can see a video tutorial here.

You download the latest firmware for the M3 here
2.1 (For the M3) once the file is on the SD card, insert the SD card into the side of the cartridge. The letters on the SD card face you as you view the back of the cartridge.
2.2 Insert the update cable into the cartridge. The arrow on the cable faces you as you view the back of the cartridge. The port for the update cable is on the opposite side of the SD card slot.
2.3 Insert the other end of the update cable into a USB slot
2.4 The card will blink for about 10-20 seconds. If it's a steady light or does not blink, there is something wrong. It could be the cable is not inserted properly, format of the SD could be wrong, or the cartridge may be corrupted.

3. After that is completed with the flashing process, remove the SD card from the cartridge and insert it into your PC.

4. Create a folder in the root directory called "NDS". This is the folder where will you will place ROMs in. It should look like this:

5. Download the system files to run the cartridge. For M3 you can find it here

6. Download, unzip and place the system folder in the root directory of the SD card.

You should be ready to go!

Where to get ROMS: well some sites have been taken down and some are up. As of this writing my favorite just went down. I would just advise that google is your friend. I've not had much luck with torrents or fileshares for NDS roms.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

How to Save Videos From Webpage videos (Youtube, etc..)

Several people have been asking me for this so here it is:

What you'll need:
- Latest version of firefox, for safety and functions. (this was written at the time of 3.6.3)
- Addon for capturing the video for firefox. (I'll be writing about Download Helper but there are many other fine add ons)
- A website with video. (I'll write this post with Youtube)

After installing firefox and opening the application, go to Tools,  Add-ons

A window will appear, then go to "Get Add-ons"

In the search box, type in "DownloadHelper", then click on the bottom "See all results"

This will open up another tab (or page depending on your settings) with all the results. Scroll down to "Video DownloadHelper". Then click on "Add to Firefox"

Another window will appear that will give you a warning about malicious software, etc, etc... I've been using this software for over 3 year and never had a problem with it. However, if you feel this may do harm to your computer then DO NOT INSTALL it.

If you have gotten over your fears, then click on "Install Now". The add on window will appear and it will install. After it is completed, it will ask you to restart. Click on "Restart FireFox"

After it restarts, go to Tools, and at the very bottom you'll see "DownloadHelper" with 3 colored balls. If you move your mouse over Downloadhelper, it will give you another submenu with choices. Go to "preferences" and how to save, where to ask, asking to save, etc.... Adjust preferences to your liking.

You will also noticed an icon by the menu bar (it may be in another location based upon your configuration) but it looks like this.

When you go to a website that has a video it can capture it will look like this:


It will also spin around

Before we capture any videos, we need to have a flash player installed. I mention this because most people don't have a flash player installed.  I use applian flash player. Easy to use, simple (not many configurations), works and the best of all, it's free.
you can find the it here.
Install by click on the download button and run

After that is installed, then you can go to a website that has videos.
I recommend:

Go to one of the sites and choose a video you want to capture.
NOTE: DownloadHelper(DH) can capture most video content displayed on the webpage. flv, avi, mpeg, etc.. There are sites however that you will not be able to capture video (Hulu). I have encountered other sites as well but they are the minority.

After you have found a video you want, and the three balls are spinning, click on the little arrow on the right side of the spinning balls.
NOTE: there will be advertisements that may be in the choices as well as file names you are not familiar with (numbers, letters). Usually the one in bold is the one you want, however there will be times when it is not. You'll have to figure out which is the video you really want.

I want "9 - Offical Tailer.flv". Notice that it's not in bold and there are other links as well.
NOTE: if you want to capture your video, you need to follow this step as the video is being queue. After it is finished queued, it will no longer appear in the list of choices.
There may also be the same file multiple times. In youtube, you'll have resolution choices. The mp4 is their hi-def version. It is much better quality but the file will also be larger.
Move your mouse to the video you want, and another submenu will appear. Choose "Download".

It will open another window and ask where you want to save it. Choose the location and hit save.
Firefox's save window will appear and it will be saved in the location you specified.

Once it is finished downloading, you can open the file with your flash player, or the media player that is appropriate.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Just got this app to write stuff on the blog from my iphone. Much easier then trying to do it through safari on iphone.

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