Monday, May 26, 2014

Captain America The Winter Solider

Review of Captain America: The Winter Solider

The Good:
Great action sequences
Good CGI
New characters
Deeper insight into the Captain America character
Scarlet Johansson
Nick Fury removes his eye-patch

The Bad:
Bland story line
No emotional content
Did not live up to expectations
Laid the foundation for another sequel
Scarlet Johansson's straight hair

This movie was hyped up by good reviews and even a personal recommendation, so my expectations were high for this movie. I was disappointed that this movie lacked an emotional depth that clawed you into the story. I know this is high expectations for a Marvel superhero movie but I was expecting more. It did have good actions sequences and good fight sequences but it was mostly eye candy and no substance.
Scarlet Johansson looks good as always but I didn't care for the straight hair. She looked much better with curly long hair as in Iron Man 2.
It actually had the foundation for a great story but they focused more on the fighting than the story line. This is typical Hollywood and it will bite them in the ass as they focus less and less on the story. (ie Pacific Rim, John Carter, etc..)