Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thuja Green Giant Arborviate from Sandy's Nursery (Amazon)

Review for Thuja Green Giant Arborviate Trees from Sandy's Nursery

The Good:
$40 for 10 trees
Healthy when arrived
Packaged well for shipment

The Bad:
They are really small
Small pot
Need to let them grow before planting

These trees are suppose to grow to be 50+ feet. They are a good deal for getting ten trees and they seemed healthy. They are wrapped in plastic so if you get them in summer be sure to get them out of the sun. I had ordered scotch pine trees from another vendor and they were out in the sun all day when the USPS delivered them and they ended up dying. The vendor was terrible because you had to ship the dead trees back to get a refund which costs more than the cost of the trees that I purchased which basically negates the refund process. I can't recall who I bought them from but just be aware when you order live plants that this can happen.

This is a picture of the day they arrived.

I potted them in 12 inch pots the next day and waited 6 months before I planted them in the ground. I am happy to say that five of the six I planted are still alive after a year. They are between 3-5 feet tall now and are doing well.

Qixels Turbo Dryer

This is a review for the Qixels Turbo Dryer

The Good:
  • It is really fun to use
  • You get to play with the dryer(make it spin)
  • Keeps the water in the container 

The Bad:
  • They say that it is not messy but it is
  • If you spin it to fast the design will fly off
  • Does not make them dry faster
  • They should add more of the Qixels characters  

yes - 7 year old
no - 11 year old 

  The whole point of dryer is to make them "dry" faster. This is not the case. It takes just as long to dry with the dryer than without. It is not worth the money paid for this item. There is fun factor in that you can spin the design and watch it go around. That's about it.