Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pandamimi Black Luxury Steel Aluminum Chrome Hard Back Case Cover Review

This is a review for case for the iphone 4S. It was purchased through Amazon here

The case comes with a pair of protective covers for the iphone and a mini stylus. The stylus works but not really useful for me. I did put the protective covers on the phone but the one for the front of the phone is a matte finish not a clear finish.

The phone case does fit into the phone tightly and offers it a little protection. Make no mistake, this is not a rugged protective case. It was only meant as a holder.

This is only after 2 drops.

The case will only last a few drops the most. It does look nice but the high finish plastic does scratch easily. The black part remains in tact but the overall case can not handle drops at all.

I would recommend this case only if you don't drop your phone. It just protects it from scratches and not much else. 

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