Monday, July 8, 2013

Xbox 360 S(Slim) with 250HD

This review is for the Xbox 360 Slim with the 250 gig hard drive. I realize they just announced the arrival of the Xbox one (can Microsoft count? Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One) but the specs for the Xbox one was not impressive. They are similar to the best graphics card and pc gaming rig of LAST year! Plus I don't want a kinect and don't want to pay extra for it. I think MS will lower the price on the Xbox one in about 3 years depending on sales.
I decided to go with the Xbox 360 because of the many features and it looks like the way they are pricing the Xbox one, they will keep the 360 around for a while (budget Xbox one).
I wanted to play old Xbox games so I made sure I got the one with an MS hard drive. Xbox one, to date will not play original Xbox games.
NOTE: if you buy an aftermarket hd for the Xbox 360 slim, it will not play original Xbox games. You have to get the one sold by MS.

If this is not important for you, then buy an Xbox slim for less then $180 on Amazon (wait for a sale) then buy an after market hd.

I bought mine on Amazon for $279. It came with two games, one one disc (DarkRiders 2) and one downloadable one (Batman). One month of Xbox Gold Live, headset, composite RCA hookups and the power brick. The old Xbox 360 power brick is NOT compatible. The old 360 audio video hook up IS.

Since my old tv does not have HDMI, I am using the HD component hook up with optical digital out.
The slim does have a separate optical out but everything works if you use the old 360 av hookup.
The best part of the slim vs. the old 360 is that it is much, much quieter. Load times are much faster and it runs about 10-20C cooler.

The controller it came with have been refreshed cosmetically with new colors. Chrome xbox button and the stick are black rubber instead of the grey.
My last 360 lasted about 6 years with moderate use. I'm hoping MS has learned from their mistakes and this one last twice as the old one.

9 year old review:

One thing I liked about the Xbox 360 was that it came with one game, Marvel Superheros and I like Marvel. The new Xbox came with DarkRiders II and I don't like DarkRiders II.
I liked it was black and I like the color black. I didn't like how long it took to set up.

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