Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fluval C4 & C2 filter

This is a review of the Fluval C4 and C2 hang on the back filter. I am using them for fresh water only. The C4 is going onto a 37gallon bow front tank and the C2 will go on a 5 gallon tank. The pictures of the filter is the smaller C2.

They are both identical in terms of mechanism for filtration the only difference being the amount of water they process. The C2 is rated for up to 10 gallon tank and the C4 up to 55 gallon . I believe over filtration is better because it will keep the tank cleaner and your changeable media will last longer. 
I have been using the C4 for 7 months before I had to clean out the bio screen pictured below.

Fluval has done a very good job designing the filter. Each section is compartmentalism for easy maintenance and changes. The bio screen section above pops out and can be easily cleaned.

A little red knob will pop up when the filter is dirty and needs to be cleaned. It comes up when there is enough resistance against the filter and the water level rises to float the indicator. Very smart design. I have owned penguins in the last and this is the only hanging over the back I will buy. 

The section in front of the bio filter holds the ceramic spikes for your wet/dry portion for optimal bacteria. 

This part comes put easily for maintenance. 

Under this section is a red plastic container that will hold your carbon. The filter comes with very small carbon pieces for maximum surface area. When I need to change the carbon, I will probably use larger carbon refills because they are cheaper.

After 7 months of use, I have had to clean the bio filter once and the carbon once. It is quiet but not completely quiet. The vibration from the impeller motor does make a small hum noise from the lid part of wet/dry media. If you tape it down it will decrease the noise. I have noticed this on both the C2 and C4. It's a small issue with their fit and finish of the plastic parts. 


Another nice feature is the intake nozzle is a once piece adjustable. Other hang on the back comes in two pieces. Over time I have lost them and could not find them when switching to a new tank. 


This to me is the best hang on the back filter you can get. 

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