Thursday, October 10, 2013

Harbinger Lifting Gloves

These gloves were made for lifting that protects your palms but leaves your fingers open for better grip. I'm using these gloves to run in a tough mudder race in October.
The price is right and I got the closest fit. They only had three sizes so I chose the fit that was snug. 

Material quality is fair. Mostly canvas and some synthetic leather. It does seem like there is a bit too much padding on the palm. I think with repeated use this will be a nonfactor. 

The over hand strap has a solid feel and stays in place. We'll see how it holds up to the mud and water during a tough mudder race.

After Race update:
 These gloves worked well. I would recommend the open finger type. It will give you better grip and feel for when you are doing a Tough Mudder racer. There were just a tab big for my hands so they slipped around a little bit. I did not have the need to readjust them and they dried quickly. They cleaned well and are ready for another race. 

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