Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Review

This is a review of the Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 with built-in multi-touch touchpad. It was purchased from Amazon for $29.99.

The Good:
Great range
Sensitive and responsive
On/Off switch
Good size keys and touch pad
Customizable and basic set of standard buttons
Uses standard drivers for PC

The Bad:
Slightly larger in size (than a mini keypad)
No lit keys option
Small space bar

I wanted a keyboard for the computer I have hooked up to my tv. I looked at the mini-keyboard but they bad reviews. I wanted a larger keyboard for my fat fingers. The mini keyboards were the size of a smart phone and I always misspell words with my fingers and I couldn't imagine a touchpad would be great on that size.

They offer the keyboard in black or white. I chose the white since white keyboards show the dirt more prominently than a black one. This is a great size keyboard. It is much larger than a mini keyboard which makes it more difficult to store and can be clumsy at times. It is very light and can be held in one hand for while before your hand gets tired.

A great feature that comes with the keyboard is a usb extender. This is great for my old Dell that I have hooked up with to the TV. It will provide you with maximum range for the wireless keyboard. I have tested the range and is about 35feet with line of sight. It drops significantly through walls which is about 5ft.

I really like the fact that it has an on/off switch on the keyboard itself. This saves battery life for when it is not in use, which is most of the time. The touchpad is sensitive enough and works well. I recommend increasing the sensitivity on the mouse option to very fast so that it travels a great distance on a TV. I have it connected to a 40 inch TV and have the mouse setting on the fastest speed. It works very well and is accurate. 

I would recommend this over a mini keyboard which is too small for my fingers. It took the standard Windows drivers which is great for connecting them to other computers. 

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