Saturday, January 25, 2014

Poetic Slimbook Leather-Like Case for Nook HD+

This is a review for the Poetic Slimbook Leather-Like Case for the Nook HD+
There are many cases for the Nook HD+ but think case is the best value for the price. It was purchased on Amazon for $10. If you catch it right, you can find it as low was $7. Yes it is not leather but it is durable. The material is easy to clean and holds up well to use.

It has several pockets inside the case for storing small items like cards and papers. The great feature about this case is that is has a magnet when you close to tell the Nook to turn off. Very nice feature and works well.

The cover fold is a little stiff when you first put it in the case. Just bend the cover in the opposite direction a few times and it will fold flat. It does offer a tab to fold it out and make the Nook stand up but it only has one setting. It only has one tab to display it horizontally at one angle. It doesn't have a tab to lay it vertically. 

The best feature is the rubber band you can use to hold the Nook in one hand. This is a great feature when you doing other activities while looking at the Nook. It doesn't fall out of the case and is great for kids so they don't drop the Nook. 

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