Saturday, January 18, 2014

Select Surfaces Lament Flooring from Sam's Club Review

This is a brand that makes flooring that is sold at Sam's club. I have put in 2 other brands if laminate flooring. One was from BJs and another from Home Depot. The BJs flooring was fair but a great price. It held up to traffic really well but was only 10mm. The Home Depot was Pergo flooring which I got at a discount because the pattern was being discontinued. It was about 10% more in price than the BJs brand but was much better in quality.
The Select Surface flooring had a really nice pattern and color. 

The surface is "raised" to mimic the contours of real wood. Up close the patten wouldn't fool Woody Woodpecker but from normal view distance(standing above it), it looked nice.

The flooring was 14mm which included the foam backing. The foam backing was really thin so I would use another vapor barrier for a basement floor. The backing did not cover 100% of the back. It's more of a thin cushion layer than anything else and I do mean it was thin. 
The tongue and groove joints are what you would expect from most mid-grade laminate flooring - easily breakable. Take care when installing. 
I did like how tight these boards fit. It is almost tight enough to put into a kitchen, almost. 
The end moldings were a fair price and came with 3 different joint pieces which was very nice.

Overall it was a decent floor for the price. You didn't have to wait for a sale or hope your pattern was discontinued and pray they had enough in stock for your project. 

I would recommend this flooring for medium traffic areas that is prone to some spills. 

Your best bet is to catch sale on a better brand for high traffic areas. 

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