Monday, February 9, 2015

FEIT electric LED bulbs


The Good:
Uses only 4.9 watts per bulb. 
Not a "weird" shape or design.
Good evivilant lumens.

The Bad:
Not as many lumens vs. 40 watt evivilant.
Does not have the range of dimmable brightness.
Came in a pack of 3

I have been wanting to switch to LED bulbs for a while but they were really cost prohibitive. Costco had a sale on these bulbs for $10 for a pack of three which lowered the price to an "affordable" $3.33 per bulb. I had 40 watt candelabra bulbs in my light fixture which required 10. Every time I turned it on, I cringed at the fact I was using 400 watts.

They say it lasts 22 years. Yea sure. I'm sure they last a long time but not 22 years and I guarantee the company will not be around to collect your refund.

  My light fixture uses 10 bulbs. I wish they sold an even number. I looked online and these bulbs by themselves go for $5-$10 each. I'll wait until they come lower to buy that last bulb. 
These bulbs do dim but they don't have the same range of low to high lumens like the incandescent bulbs. Their lowest dim setting is the same as mid way compared to the incandescent bulbs.

This was the lowest dim setting with the LED bulbs.

This is the brightest setting with the incandescent bulbs.

This is the brightest setting with the LED bulbs. (9 total bulbs)

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