Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How to Train Your Dragons Action Figures


The Good:
Looks like the actual figures in the movie
Movable parts
Came with fish

The Bad:

These toys were from Toy's R Us and they were quite expensive in my opinion. They had good color and were generally constructed well. They had a lot of moving parts which added to the "playability" of the action figures and were more entertaining than plain figures.

The wings swept back and came forward.

Toothless was very detailed with the saddle and his wings swept back as well.

What the six year really liked was the fact it came with fish for them to eat an another larger fish.

Review by 6 year old:

I think that the fish are colorful. I think that Toothless is awesome. I think that the red dragon looks awful and the biggest fish looks awful. 

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