Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nyrius Songo Link Wireless Bluetooth Receiver

This is a review for the Nyrius Songo Link Wireless Bluetooth Receiver.

             I switched to a Samsung Galaxy S5 from an iPhone 3GS. I know, I know, a really old phone. My 2009 Infiniti had the 30 pin connector that worked as an ipod for my phone so when I changed phones I needed a new solution.

         I tried a 30 pin to USB connector. That did not work. I read one Amazon review that said it this Bluetooth Receiver worked with his M35 which has the same connector. This unit requires a powered source for it to work AND to change the battery inside the receiver.

         Unfortunately, it did not work on my 2009 Infiniti. It is a powered source but I think the Infiniti needs the feedback software telling the car that it is connected to an ipod. I tried the receiver on my Altec ipod player and it worked fine. It had good range and played well. I just wish it worked with my car.

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