Thursday, May 14, 2015

Halo Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy S5

This is a review for the Halo brand screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S5.

        I've had other screen protectors for other phones and tablets. The protector is a glossy screen protector so it will show finger prints but I have noticed that the prints do not show as much as other clear screen protectors. I've used the "fingerprintless" or matte but they take away from the clarity of the screen.

          I liked that this came with several things that most companies don't provide. It included several sticky tabs to remove dust and an alcohol prep pad. They provide simple instructions and a url to watch a tutorial which is a nice touch however, nothing beats experience when applying a screen protector.
           The screen has to be COMPLETELY dust free. I curled the protector from the sides and put it down on the middle of the phone and worked my way out to the sides.
The pack comes with three screen protectors and they say it has a lifetime warranty. I will be testing that as I have a small scratch on mine right now. When I applied it, I messed up on the first and used the second. I still have one more but would like to save that.

           The package on the front says, "Premium Japanese Protectors". I'm not sure what that means other then the company tried to convey they are "Japanese" quality. They are made in China.

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