Monday, July 6, 2015

Mr. Beams MB360 Wireless LED Spotlight

The Good:
Gives enough light
Easy to install
Works with QUALITY rechargeable batteries
Sensor works well

The Bad: 
Plastic could be thicker
Swivel neck is a weak point
Could be brighter

I needed a light for my garage because I have a freezer and fridge there and wanted an automatic light when I opened the door into the garage. 

The instructions were easy enough to follow. With the two D cell batteries, the light is not light. It would not hold up with drywall anchors, I had to drill into a stud in order for it to stay in position.

Be very careful when changing the batteries. I recommend taking the screw out where you adjust the angle and take the whole light head off to change the batteries. If you try to change the batteries while it is attached, I could see the part where the neck is attached snapping.

This is a single LED that is magnified. It is as bright as a really bright night LED night light. The motion sensor is good enough. If it is bright area the sensor won't trip but they why would you need a light? It trips on cue when it is dark.

I've been using high quality 9000mAh rechargeable NiCad D cells. It has lasted over 3 months of average use.

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