Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Croods

Review of the movie: The Croods

The Story

It follows a prehistoric "caveman" family as they struggle with everyday life and the major environmental changes that are happening to their cave. They set forth on a journey to find a new home and adjust to change which is against the mantra of their entire lives to never try anything new, anything new is bad and basically anything outside of their routine leads to death.
There were some very funny moments throughout the story and it tried it's best to bring the viewer in emotionally but lacked teeth to keep you. It was aimed for children so they wanted to keep it light, however they could have played more on the adjusting to change and the father daughter relationship.


It was played on Sony's digital 4K format. This is the next generation of high definition that is coming to a TV near you next Christmas. There were several scenes that made you think twice to determine if it was animation or a real live picture. The animation in the high definition format was beautiful. Dreamworks did a great job especially with the skins tones and textures of the family members. 


I would recommend this movie for children and families. Dreamworks is top notch when is comes to animation but has some catching up to do with Pixar in terms of story telling.

9 Year Old Review

"It was good and I liked it. It was really funny"

4 Year Old Review

"It was too noisy"

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